Mohit bansal pitampura

I feel proud to be known as Mohit Bansal, a born leader is counted among the shining entrepreneurs. Born on 24 July 1990, my focus on becoming an entrepreneur was clear at a very tender age. I started my career from a family business merely at the age of 17 years. 

Heading towards my dream and passion, I laid the foundation of K2 Group India in 2015. Further, I added more wings into my entrepreneurship by introducing-

Ads and Url

MBS Info Solution

K2 Agro


“An entrepreneur joins the social cause”

People around me always say that Mohit Bansal holds a compassionate heart. But, I believe that only showing compassion is not enough, this heartfelt compassion should lead to action. To give a shape to this belief, I founded an NGO “Saarthi”. I named this foundation on the name of my loving daughter “Saarthi”. As the name suggests itself, Saarthi is a guide, and it will work to enlighten the lives of vulnerable and deprived. In my opinion, the disadvantaged need something more than pity in this world. 

The mission of Saarthi Foundation 

To aid the education and lives of needy children. 

The vision of Saarthi Foundation 

To expand the business branches on a larger scale, and devote a share towards the betterment of the society.