The Secrets of the Best Entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur is like a book. It includes different chapters of their hardship and their inspiring journey. Entrepreneurs are the risk-taker. They believe more risk, more gain Want to know some secrets of becoming a successful entrepreneur? Stay tuned to my blog and acknowledge the words of one of the best entrepreneurs. […]

The Great Move For Social Welfare

“An entrepreneur is a saarthi of our society” Entrepreneurs are the resource for our nation. They are one of the building blocks and a support system that upholds the nation at the time of crisis. Entrepreneurs take society in the right direction. The person who believes in My participation in Society upgradation + People support […]

Impact Of Coronavirus On The Global Economy & Markets So Far

The world is facing a catastrophic situation with the outbreak of coronavirus. The virus, which was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019, has infected more than 3 lacs+ people worldwide. The virus is infecting people and spreading fast and easily from person-to-person. The ongoing spread of the Covid-19 has become […]

Top 10 Successful Entrepreneurs In India

India is home to a number of successful entrepreneurs and businessmen. Every idea- be it big or small stems out of some creative and innovative minds who dared to dream big and turn it into reality. These people have set an example before others and have motivated them to follow their path. Their journey towards […]

How Coronavirus Is Disrupting The World’s Economy?

Wash your hands before scrolling your mouse or keypad. By now, you should have heard about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2). The virus has affected thousands of people from many countries around the world and looking at its severity, WHO has declared COVID-19 as a ‘Global Pandemic’. As the deadly coronavirus continues to spread, […]

Saarthi – Guiding Young Lives Towards a Brighter Future

Despite a lot of government initiatives in action to improve the literacy rate of India, a large percentage of people still fall under the unprivileged and uneducated tag. The current literacy rate of India is 69.1%. And, improving this percentage is not just the responsibility of the elected political representatives alone. Since our earliest school […]

Never Give Up – Failure is the First Staircase Towards Success

The words ‘give’ and ‘up’ never come together in the dictionary of successful entrepreneurs. Even the greatest ones of us can resonate with the feeling of everything being crashed and burned down to the ground where there is no scope of your business seeing the light of the day.  And as it is tough to […]

How Active Management Can Bring an Escalation in the Productivity Curve

Ever wonder how some companies retailing the same business prevail while others fail? Why some departments are more productive in a single organization while others are not? This can account for a lot of factors altogether. But one, that most of us seem to forget, is the management aspect.  Given the interconnected nature of all […]