The Great Move For Social Welfare

The Great Move For Social Welfare

An entrepreneur is a saarthi of our society”

Entrepreneurs are the resource for our nation. They are one of the building blocks and a support system that upholds the nation at the time of crisis.

Entrepreneurs take society in the right direction. The person who believes in My participation in Society upgradation + People support = Nation progress

The young entrepreneur and a great influencer Mr. Mohit Bansal says you must lose yourself for the service of others. What you will realize is that nothing is better in the world than spreading happiness in others’ lives.

According to him, a few drops of rainwater can fill the pond. That means your little help can change the world. Today, India is going through a tough time- an unexpected pandemic hits the whole country. The lockdown period of 21 days has been announced. This is for the country’s welfare. Isn’t it? 

We must participate in and help our country. If we are together we will win the battle against coronavirus. “Unity is strength”.

Some Initiatives have been taken by our great leader Mr. Mohit Bansal

Lockdown is there! But entrepreneurs are always on their duty. He pledged to contribute towards social welfare.

A drive of distributing food to the needy one

Who are mostly affected in the pandemic? The daily wage workers. Right? An initiative of distributing fresh fruits and vegetables to needy families and to those who are financially poor. 

This initiative was a symbol that humanity never dies. In this situation, let’s be together and lend help to others. Only the privileged get the chance to serve their nation.

An Initiative for stray animal

What animals need in the present hour? Our love and care as they cannot say that they need food but their eyes speak out there hunger. As roads are empty and even restaurants are closed, there is a dearth of food.

The drive for God’s beautiful creature was conducted by Mr. Mohit Bansal. He went out to feed bananas to the stray animals. The best way to present love.

Let us help our furry buddies and put some food and water bowls for them. Why do furries suffer from this problem? Help the innocents

A drive for spreading awareness

This is an alarming situation when people should know the precautionary measures to fight against corona.

The awareness drive was initiated at Keshavpuram Industrial Area, Rain Basera ( Sheltered home) Where masks, sanitizers and soaps were distributed among the people. 

The motive was to spread awareness about hygiene and how hygiene fights for you from the deadly disease.

 Salute to Delhi police, who supported this drive like a pillar.

 All the above gestures were done By Mohit Bansal, the founder of the Saarthi Foundation and K2 Group India. 

The Entrepreneur appeals to the people to become Saarthi for your country. If you cannot be part of someone living during their good days becomes part of their lives during a bad one.

Let’s work as a team and help those unprivileged ones.

Are We Together In this Fight?

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